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freemindfreebody asked
I guess we can agree to disagree on the matter of what one has to pierce with but my initial point was that you can not base your opinion or choice of a piercer on them using internally threaded jewelry cause you can still pierce poorly with high quality int. Jewelry and there's crappy int jewelry out there and this point gets100% ignored!

Nobody disagreed with your statement that there are shitty piercers out there that use good jewelry. But you sat there and tried to justify using substandard jewelry and blamed this jewelry standard on politics and Americans(because it’s somehow our fault that most of the jewelry companies that make high quality jewelry are in the US). Efix had a really good quote at the end of his response to your blaming import fees, “In the end, I agree that great jewelry doesn’t make up for a shitty piercer, but a good piercer doesn’t make up for shitty jewelry either!” And that’s all there is to it. He’s not in the US, he has to deal with the exact same shit that you have to deal with(probably worse because BAF is in the US and he’s right next door to us while still having to pay more for import fees).

The fact of the matter is you’re pretty popular on this site, your studio is well known in your area, so when you make blatantly ignorant and false statements saying that externally threaded jewelry is fine or just as good, you’re making a significant negative impact on this community and this industry. There is a reason a shitstorm erupted when you posted that. It’s because you’re wrong and when you were called out on it, you started throwing out excuses. Own up to that responsibility and become part of the solution, not someone that uses their popularity to discredit everything this industry has worked for. I feel that in the last few years, we’ve done a phenomenal job with our outreach and customers demanding proper jewelry is at an all time high. Why would you even do or say anything to try to discredit all that hard work we’ve done for the good of the industry?? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Jewelry needs to meet three very simple standards in order for it to be considered “high quality” or “industry standard”. It needs to be made of implant grade materials(or materials proven to be safe such as niobium,14k/18k gold, platinum, glass, etc) internally threaded or threadless, and it needs to have a flawless surface finish that has a high polish and is free from nicks or scratches.

All externally threaded jewelry fails to meet that, making all externally threaded jewelry substandard. There are lots of low quality internally threaded jewelry as you’ve mentioned as well. 1 out of 3 isn’t good enough, so internally threaded jewelry made of low quality materials with a subpar surface finish is also substandard. No denying that. But just because there is low quality internally threaded jewelry out there doesn’t mean that externally threaded jewelry is acceptable, regardless of whether or not you waste precious hours polishing it.


Some people act like working with neometal, anatometal or IS is an indicator for someone being a good piercer.
Well hate it or love it but in my humble opinion a well placed navel done with a handpolished made in europe externally threaded bananabel with a rounded of thread that fits the customer’s anatomy will heal better than that hugeass prong set princess cut anatometal piece poking around in someones tiny navel.
Internally and externally threaded jewelry both of high quality ( we handpolish everything we pierce with ourselfs) peacefully co-exist at our shop and due to logic thinking and skill we get great results with both.
Well,there, I said it, keep the hate coming…

Really? That’s your example? A piercing that was botched with good jewelry won’t heal as well as a piercing that was properly pierced with shitty jewelry? Come on now, you’re better than that. You’re correct in the obvious statement that good jewelry doesn’t make a good piercer, but it’s also not possible to be a good piercer that uses shitty jewelry. Externally threaded jewelry is sub par every way you slice it, even if you waste hours at a time polishing the turd. This industry has standards for a reason, the design of externally threaded jewelry is inferior to internally threaded and threadless jewelry, regardless of whether or not you polish it yourself. I know you’re thinking that you’re making some sort of moral stand but it’s an ignorant stand and one that hurts this industry and sets it back.

If you’re piercing people with externally threaded jewelry, you’re not providing your clients with the highest possible quality jewelry available, and that’s what they’re paying you for. Period. This is a fact. You’re supposed to be the professional, you’re the one that’s supposed to be educated and be the expert in your field, your clients put their trust in you. Understand and respect that. Stop defending sub standard jewelry.

Anonymous asked
Thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions. Its very much appreciated. Curious - could you wear one of those fancy septum clickers in a conch piercing? ps - following your blog hurts my wallet - so much amazing jewelry, so little funds.

Most septum clickers wouldn’t fit in a conch piercing and I honestly don’t think it would even look very good if you got one big enough. They’re made for septums, they look best in septums. The only exception I’ve seen to the rule would be daith piercings. Septum clickers can look good in them too. And sorry for your wallet, pretty jewelry costs money haha =)

Anonymous asked
Can I put 16 g gorilla glass in a regular ear piercing?

If your regular ear piercing is a 16g, then sure.

Anonymous asked
I love how thoroughly you answer questions and actually spend time to answer people's queries. You seem like a great guy!!

Aww shucks, thanks anon =D

Anonymous asked
Any feelings about Liquid glass jewelry?

Never heard of them. The description of their website in search engines mentions a good amount of improper terminology and when you click on the link their website says that they no longer sell online and their jewelry can only be found in Hot Topic. I haven’t seen a single piece of jewelry they’ve made because their website doesn’t have any other information on it, but I’m already not impressed. If they make glass plugs, I’m sure Gorilla Glass and Glasswear Studios is better. If they make spirals and hanging designs, I’m sure Glass Heart is better.

Anonymous asked
Tried searching, but didn't find anything. I have a cold sore on my lip really close to where my vertical labret's outer hole is. It's been healed for about two years now, but I was wondering if it'd affect it in any way, or if I should take it out while the sore's healing?

I honestly don’t know much about it. If your piercing is happy and healthy and healed at two years, I doubt you’d need to take it out. But if you’re worried and not sure, a quick visit with your doctor could always help. 

Anonymous asked
your opinion on tooth gems?

They’re kinda dumb, but I think they’re pretty safe? I don’t know, I really haven’t done a lot of research on them because I’m a piercer and I’m happy to only offer piercing services.

eyesclear-mindsgone asked
i see a lot that you say people might not be suited for an industrial piercing, could you explain that? like what would make a person not be able to have an industrial piercing? because now im questioning if maybe i cant/shouldnt actually have one done and my piercer just didnt know/care enough to tell me.

Most of the time it’s because their outer helix doesn’t fold over enough. There are also times where the “flat” area of the upper ear isn’t very flat and folds enough that a straight barbell would just dig into it if you pierced it with a straight barbell. Here is a good example of what can be done for someone who’s outer helix doesn’t fold over enough for a traditional industrial piercing… 

There is also another question in my inbox asking the same question so whoever asked the other question, here your answer =)

Anonymous asked
I've been really wanting to get pierced by you but I'm really stuck on what to get. All I have now is my septum is a 6g and my lobes are stretched. Any suggestions for what would be something fun for you to do and for me to have?

Any piercing can be fun if you choose some pretty jewelry! Stop by the studio and let’s talk about your options! =)